Spatial Computing

Augmented Reality (AR)

Bring the virtual world to life. Augmented reality takes the virtual world, and puts it in the real world. Bring new experiences to your users never before possible.


Put your products in the hands of your customers. Use a phone to view products at home without having to transport them anywhere. Manufacturers can show samples to potential customers before shipping anything. Reduce turn-around times on approvals.

Remote Interaction

Enable remote personnel to interact with your local environment Communicate spatially via phone or tablet. Visually call attention to points of interests maintaining spatial data.

Enhanced Training

Train for complex scenarios with little setup. Evaluate the performance of the trainee using custom defined metrics.

Phone or tablet based

Accessible to the general public. Everyone with a smartphone can use phone based AR apps.


Enables use of hands or other tools while using the app. No need to hold or look at a phone. Great for specialized applications.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Remote Training

Do on-site training – off-site. Train for dangerous situations from the safety of virtual reality. Provide direction and assistance remotely.

VR removes a trainee from their current environment and places them in an entirely new one. They can train anywhere at any time. Record their actions to evaluate metrics like speed, safety, and number of times they need help.


Visualize a a new concept either as a model or at scale, switch between them at will. Walk around in any changes created only moments ago. Manipulate objects with ease in VR. Do all of this in a shared environment with other people located anywhere in the world.

Controlled Environment

You entirely control the virtual world, and can make any rules or scenarios you wish. Take someone out of their current situation, and put them in an entirely new one. Pause, and interject at any time.


Web browsers are now capable of all the technologies and use cases listed on this page. No downloads, no installing, no special permissions needed. Devices are still catching up to the specification, if you get started now you will be ready when that support arrives.