Mobile App Development

Does your business need an app? Take advantage of platform specific features to give users a premium experience using your service. Our team has experience building apps and games since 2010.

iOS & iPadOS

Features you can use on iOS

  • Touch ID and Face ID for authentication
  • Widgets
  • iCloud synchronization and infrastructure
  • Push notifications
  • Sell on the App Store and via In App Purchase
  • Siri shortcuts to simplify and automate user actions
  • Integrate with Health app
  • App Clips
  • Game achievements and leaderboards on Game Center
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Features you can use on Android

  • Fingerprint readers for authentication
  • Widgets
  • Push Notifications
  • Sell on Google Play, Amazon App Store, or Galaxy Store including in app purchases
  • Voice commands through Google Assistant
  • Google Play Instant to let users demo an app without installing anything
  • Game achievements, leaderboards, and synchronization via Play Game Services
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